Let’s Play Gaming Expo

Let’s Play Gaming Expo is considered one of the most interactive and diverse gaming conventions in North Texas and beyond. Whether your gaming preference is of the board, card, or video variety, the Expo is the premiere destination to play, watch, learn, and engage. From gaming vendors to tournaments, cosplay contests to speaker panels, gamers won’t want to miss the annual Let’s Play Expo, one of the top gaming conventions in Texas. The Expo is typically held at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas every August

Special Guests

Let’s Play Gaming Expo is an excellent opportunity to interact with the very people who make the gaming world come to life: actors, voice actors, creators, YouTubers, and writers. The Expo brings together the best and brightest and gives you the chance to hear from them directly. Past guests have included Brian Colin, the creator of the arcade game “Rampage;” Luke Edwards, actor from “The Wizard;” Jon St. John, the voice actor behind the video game “Duke Nukem;” and many more.

Tournaments & Contests

From retro tournaments to contemporary contests, Let’s Play Gaming Expo comes up with innovative competitions that are as entertaining to watch as they are to play. Tournaments have included players competing in Super Smash Bros, the Classic Tetris World Championship Regional Qualifier, and even tournaments for board games like Let’s Go Fishin’.

Let’s Play Expo is also a popular destination for cosplayers. Plan to join in the fun by competing in the Expo’s cosplay contest.

Casual Game Play

When was the last time you got to play your favorite old-school game on its original console? It might have been a long time ago, but that’s exactly what you can do at the Expo’s Free Play Game Console Arena. Consoles include Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Sony Playstation, and more.

Do you want to play on even older arcade machines? Head over to the Free Play Arcade, which features over 60 retro arcade games and pinball machines that are all set to free play. The Arcade also has more than 50 craft beer options and a food menu filled with delicious, shareable plates—making it even harder to leave.


Let’s Play features a wide range of vendors. With over 100 tables of merchandise, accessories, games, and more, you’ll get to choose from among some of the best gaming gear anywhere. 

And, what’s more, you’ll also get the chance to see what’s happening in the future of gaming by observing the latest creations from indie developers. The Expo includes as many independent developers as it can to show you the awesome stuff they’ve been working on. Plan to stop by each of the developers, check out their latest games, and then vote on who should take home the Game of Show prize.

No matter what your gaming passion is, Let's Play Gaming Expo is the place to be. As one of the most sought-after video game conventions in the entire country, you won’t want to miss the chance to participate. Visit Let’s Play Gaming Expo to find out more about this year’s event.