ADA Accessibility

The Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas is committed to accommodating the needs of individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

General Accessibility

Most traditional convention centers are built horizontally, often forcing attendees to move across long expanses to get from one setting to the next.  The vertical design of the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas puts elevators and escalators at the same point on every floor, allowing for visitors to easily orient themselves.

Curbside drop-off for wheelchairs and sidewalk curb cut-outs are located at each corner of the Convention Center perimeter. The 15-minute parking drop-off zones are located on Las Colinas Blvd and on Promenade Parkway. Push-button operated entry doors are at each entry point. More push-button entry buttons than required by law have been added to the building’s design to accommodate entry for all individuals.

Telephones, drinking fountains and restrooms throughout the building are wheelchair accessible. Large format digital signage is displayed throughout the building in case of an emergency as well as event information.

If you require more information to ensure your visit to the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas is successful, please contact the organization managing the event you are visiting. You can find that contact information on our calendar of events or you may contact us at 972-252-7476.